Digital Multimeters


We are able to offer a variety of benchtop Digital Multimeters and Data Acquisition Systems from Keysight and GW Instek.

Our benchtop digital multimeters (DMM) provide a choice of cost and performance from 4½ and 5½ digit resolution, to the high accuracy Truevolt range that can measure up to a 8½ digit resolution.

The DMM’s come with various PC connectivity options, such as USB, LAN, GPIB and serial. All of which can be configured and controlled via software.

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Product Range

Keysight DAQ970A/DAQ973A series

Next-generation data acquisition system, 3-slot mainframe with up to 8 plug-in modules
From £2,049.00

GW Instek GPM-8310 Series

Digital power meter for single-phase (1P/2W) AC power measurement
From £1,536.86

GW Instek GDM-906x Series

6 1/2 digit dual measurement multimeter
From £931.33

Keysight 3458A series

Keysight precision digital multimeter, 8.5 digit
From £11,878.00

Keysight 34980A series

Keysight Modular multifunction switch/measurement unit with built in 6 1/2 DMM
From £3,460.00

Keysight U3606B series

Keysight 5 1/2 digit multimeter and DC power supply in one instrument
From £1,382.00

Keysight 34450A series

Keysight 5 1/2 digit bench top multimeter
From £944.00

Keysight 34460/34461A series

Keysight 6 1/2 digit Truevolt bench top digital multimeters
From £1,042.00

Keysight 34465A/34470A series

Keysight 6 1/2 & 7 1/2 digit Truevolt bench top digital multimeters
From £1,544.00