CAN & LIN interfaces


The Controller Area Network (CAN) bus was developed in the early 1980s as an in-vehicle network capable of linking sensors and actuators. CAN's comprehensive error-checking, non-destructive bus arbitration and general robustness as a communication protocol has led to its adoption in many other areas. CAN adoption is growing in the UK.

This section comprises of products that can add a CAN interface to a PC or to convert CAN to other protocols. The addition of a PC interface for LIN makes our offer for Automotive diagnostics & monitoring complete. If you have any technical queries, we have CAN and LIN experts ready to take your call.

Product Range
Kvaser_M.2 _PCIe_4xCAN.jpg

Kvaser M.2 PCIe series

PCIe 4xCAN to four high speed CAN/CAN FD
From £770.00

Kvaser USBcan Pro series

USB to dual-channel CAN or CAN FD interface
From £1,285.00

Kvaser DIN Rail SE410S-X10 series

Ethernet to CAN/CAN FD interface
From £1,200.00

Kvaser PCIEcan series

Kvaser PCIEcan series PCIe to up to four CAN channels.
From £410.00

Kvaser Hybrid Pro series

2xCAN/LIN flexible dual channel interface can be assigned independently as CAN, CAN FD or LIN
From £996.00

Kvaser USBcan Light

Compact, reliable and cost-effective, two high speed CAN busses to PC/Laptop
From £484.00
Kvaser_ Memorator_Pro_5xHS.jpg

Kvaser Memorator Pro series

Real-time CAN to USB interface
From £2,410.00

Kvaser U100P series

CAN to USB interfaces
From £649.00

Kvaser Leaf v3 series

USB 2.0 to9-pin D-SUB connector CAN/CAN FD converter
From £285.00

Kvaser U100 series

CAN/CAN FD to USB interface
From £432.00

Kvaser Leaf Range series

Kvaser Single channel USB to CAN interfaces
From £283.31

Kvaser PCIcanx series

Kvaser Universal PCI high-speed CAN cards
From £708.28

Moxa ICF-1170I Series

Moxa Industrial CAN to fibre converters

Kvaser Hybrid 2xCAN/LIN series

Kvaser Hybrid Dual channel USB to CAN/LIN interfaces
From £657.28