Embedded Computers


The Amplicon embedded computers are fanless, rugged and compact making them ideal for a variety of space-critical applications. Designed and manufactured by Amplicon with selected high quality industrial components, the Impact-E/T/P and D embedded PC's provide a cost-effective solution for use in harsh environments and critical 24/7 operations.

All Amplicon Embedded systems support solid state drives enabling them to withstand a high degree of shock and vibration.

As with all Amplicon Industrial PC's, the Impact-E/T/P and D series can be fully OEM branded; from your company colours and logo on the metalwork, to a fully branded operating system designed to meet your specific requirements.

Amplicon has launched their innovative, ultra-small IoT edge ready Industrial computer, the new Impact-P 100A series. Bring edge computing to the harshest of environments PC with our latest leading-edge embedded PC. Read more about the new Impact-P 100A

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