NI PXI modules


PXI modules interface to bus standards, acquire data and images, trigger and synchronise devices, generate and route signals, and take a variety of measurements. Use them to build measurement and automation systems.

NI offers more than 600 input and output PXI modules ranging from DC to mmWave. This includes modular instruments, such as oscilloscopes and digital multimeters. Because PXI is an open industry standard, nearly 1,500 products are available from more than 60 different instrument vendors.

Of the more than 1,500 PXI products on the market, more than 600 were designed by NI. With this proven history, NI PXI modules offer advantages such as options for any application, performance and quality, software integration, and production unit verification. NI PXI modules are industry-standard tools for creating automated test systems. Since PXI systems are flexible, you can easily change these modules as your testing needs change.

Product Range

NI PXI/e-6000 Multifunction IO series

12/18bit differential analogue inputs 14MS/s/ch (max), varying channel counts, 2 or 4 analogue outputs 4MS/s (max), up to 48 DIO
From £1,810.00

NI PXI/e-5000 Vector Signal Analyser series

Up to 765 MHz wide frequency range, real-time signal analysis, and advanced signal processing.
From £44,100.00

NI PXI/e-5000 Waveform Generator series

Up to two 16-bit channels, updated at 800MS/s with 20, 40, and 80 MHz bandwidth
From £3,560.00

NI PXI/e-4000 Programmable Power Supply Series

Programmable DC power supplies for design validation, and manufacturing testing
From £3,140.00

NI PXI/e-4000 Source Measure Unit Series

Source Measure Units combine power, precision, and speed into a single instrument
From £6,410.00

NI PXI/e-5000 Oscilloscope series

Up to eight channels with speeds of up to 12.5 GS/s and bandwidth of up to 5 GHz
From £3,760.00

NI PXI/e-4000 Digital Multimeter Series

Performs voltage, current, resistance, temperature, inductance, capacitance, and frequency/period measurements
From £1,810.00

NI PXI/e-4000 Analog Input Series

Modules feature sample rates from 5 kS/s/ch to 20 MS/s, up to 28 bit and up to 32 channel
From £3,460.00