Why Amplicon Engineering Services?

Many companies are looking to reduce overheads whilst maintaining both service and confidence levels. Amplicon can help you achieve this without compromising your standards.

Our Engineering services team fully understand the constraints of your working environment; we are experienced providers of industrial automation systems for varied applications and market sectors.

Our goal is to become an extension of your engineering and purchasing team, alleviating all your hardware headaches from technical specification through to cabling and termination. This will allow you to concentrate on your project, enabling you to deliver high grade turnkey solutions with total backroom support from Amplicon engineering services that will make you the envy of your competition.

The benefits to your business can be clearly defined and more importantly they are easily measurable.


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  • Time freed to concentrate on business needs and software development
  • Improved obsolescence and EOL management
  • Predictable and consistent high quality build standards
  • Project administration cost reduction
  • Single point of contact UK based and technically qualified


  • Reduced purchasing time
  • Cross company traceability under controlled procurement specifications
  • Ease of control of procurement specifications
  • Simplified spares ordering systems
  • Improved cash flow control


  • Managing single supplier payments
  • Single point of contact UK based
  • Improved cash flow control
  • Successful trading history since 1973
  • Audited accounts from 2005 available on request


  • Reduced stock movements through stores
  • Single point of contact UK based
  • Reduction of storage space required
  • Co-ordinated out of the box deliveries
  • Delivered to agreed schedules


  • ISO9001:2015 audited certification
  • Experienced engineering & compliance team