AC Power Source/Analysers


Use either Keysight or GW Instek AC power sources / power analysers for applications that require precise, accurate measurements and efficient analysis of AC power.

These "one-box" solutions have generation, measurement and AC power analysis capabilities. AC power sources are ideal for power-supply testing, AC-mains CE-mark testing, UPS testing and much more. Choose from a range of models up to 1750 VA AC power source with built-in AC power analyser

Product Range

GW Instek APS-7000 Series

Programmable linear AC power sources
From £2,731.14

GW Instek ASR-2000 Series

Programmable AC/DC Power Source
From £2,454.57

GW Instek ASR-3000 Series

Programmable AC/DC Power Source
From £6,562.29

Keysight 6800C Series

Keysight AC Power Source/Analysers
From £8,700.00