Rackmount LCD console drawers


The Amplicon KwikDraw-A rackmount consoles series are available in single, 8, 12 and 16 port options with varying screen sizes and resolutions.

Offering a full 106-key keyboard and touchpad neatly combined into 1U or 2U of space for any standard rack with either UK or international language keyboards . The KwikDraw-A series is the obvious choice for any critical application where quality cannot be compromised. The range is available with DP++, DVI, VGA, USB or PS/2 options.

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Product Range

KwikDraw-A Monitor series

1U rackmount slide monitors/displays without keyboard
From £1,668.10

KwikDraw-A Keyboard series

1U Rackmount keyboard (without monitor)
From £357.76

KwikDraw-A KVM/VGA series

1U Rackmount LCD console, VGA, KVM functionality
From £1,542.03

KwikDraw-A KVM/Digital series

1U Rackmount LCD console, Digital, KVM functionality
From £2,562.50

KwikDraw-A VGA series

1U Rackmount LCD console, VGA, without KVM functionality
From £1,030.17

KwikDraw-A Digital series

1U Rackmount LCD console, Digital, without KVM functionality
From £1,344.83

KwikDraw-A Multi-Screen series

2U Rackmount 4K and FHD console with Dual/Triple displays
From £6,010.78