Extended protection for all Amplicon Rackmount PC's

Every Amplicon industrial computer comes with a market leading 3 year warranty; our quality statistics confirm an outstandingly low failure rate of only 0.02 in the field; this alone should give you the confidence to place your reputation in our hands. But not satisfied with this amazing level of support we can also deliver an on-site warranty option with all of our industrial computing systems.


Amplicon on-site warranty packages at a glance

All Amplicon industrial computers come with a market leading 3-year warranty, but not satisfied with this amazing level of support, we can also deliver an on-site warranty option with all of our industrial computing systems.


Exclusive on-site warranty offer!

In addition to the market leading 3 year warranty, Amplicon is offering FREE one year UK on-site warranty on its flagship range, the Ventrix and Impact-R rackmount PC's. For a limited time, customers that purchase any of these systems will receive our Amplicon Bronze warranty package at no extra cost, an additional level of coverage to guarantee the uninterrupted performance of your operations. Offer ends March 31st.


Maximum coverage flexibility

Every onsite warranty package can be customised to your company requirements. If you have a specific service level to meet, Amplicon can quote for bespoke service packages that suit your exact needs. You can choose from the days of the week you want coverage to the hours and length of the warranty.


What’s included with every onsite warranty package?

  • Unlimited calls

  • All parts, travel and labour

  • Software restoration where possible

  • Work through policy

  • Engineers trained to O/S level

  • Easy to upgrade

  • UK mainland and Ireland cover

  • Options for immediate onsite repair

  • Unlimited repairs of your system

Why is on-site warranty important?

Choosing the right warranty for your industrial computer in critical mission applications is pivotal to ensuring uninterrupted operations and safeguarding against unforeseen disruptions. Knowing that a technician can be onsite quickly provides peace of mind, particularly in industrial applications.

We strongly recommend considering an onsite warranty for your equipment, and here's why.

  • Minimised downtime

    Onsite warranty ensures that any issues can be addressed immediately at our customer's location. Rapid resolution leads to minimal disruption to critical operations.

  • Reduced shipping risks

    Eliminate the risk of damage during transportation to and from the Amplicon premises. Onsite support eliminates the need for packing, shipping, and potential logistical complications.

  • Cost-efficiency in the long run

    Our onsite packages start at just £0.34 per day! a minimal amount if compared to the potential costs associated with a high downtime and operational losses.


  • Faster response time

    Onsite warranty typically offer faster response times compared to the time it takes to ship and repair equipment off-site. A 2-6 weeks wait could be reduced to under 4 hours.

  • Expertise at your location

    With onsite warranty expertise is brought directly to your doorstep and ensures that the technician is familiar with your unique setup. You can receive instant, hands-on support during emergencies.

  • Tailored support

    Onsite technicians can customise solutions based on the specific setup and requirements of your Amplicon industrial computers. This personalised service enhances the efficiency of troubleshooting and repairs.

Limited time UK On-site Warranty offer!


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