Data loggers


Our extensive datalogger range includes loggers that can be used to monitor and record AC/DC voltage, current, temperature, load cell and digital counters. We can supply single, dual or multi-channel data loggers, up to a maximum of 120 channels. These range from a portable battery powered dataloggers to bench top mains powered dataloggers that are suitable for integration into 19" test racks.

They include a range of communications interfaces including, Modbus, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB and RS232 to offload logged data.

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Product Range

Keysight DAQ970A/DAQ973A series

Next-generation data acquisition system, 3-slot mainframe with up to 8 plug-in modules
From £2,114.00

ICP DAS Power management kit

Designed to help you seamlessly connect the ICP DAS power meters to the cloud with the Microsoft Azure IoT.

Grant Instruments SQ16 series

Grant Universal 16 channel portable data logger
From £1,497.00

Grant Instruments OQ610 series

Grant Six channel temperature logger
From £1,040.00

DataTaker DT80 series

DataTaker Low power 15 channel data logger
From £3,160.00

DataTaker DT82 series

DataTaker Environmental 6 channel data logger
From £1,785.00

DataTaker DT85 series

DataTaker Intelligent 48 channel data logger
From £4,450.00