NI CompactRIO Modules

NI I/O modules contain isolation, conversion circuitry, signal conditioning, and built-in connectivity for direct connection to industrial sensors/actuators.

By offering a variety of wiring options and integrating the connector junction box into the modules, the CompactRIO system significantly reduces space requirements and field-wiring costs. You can choose from more than 70 NI C Series I/O modules for CompactRIO to connect to almost any sensor or actuator.

In this section you can find all the NI CompactRIO modules, for both cRIO and cDAQ I/O modules visist our CompactDAQ section.

Product Range

NI C Series multifunction I/O

Combines common I/O circuitry, including analog and digital I/O, into a single module. cRIO only
From £685.00

NI C Series serial

Adds serial ports to CompactRIO systems that allow you to communicate with serial devices. cRIO only
From £845.00

NI C Series CANopen

Enables CompactRIO systems to connect and communicate as a master on a CANopen network. cRIO only
From £960.00