London Underground monitoring system

Transport for London (TfL) is a local government body responsible for the transport system in Greater London, England. It's head office is in Windsor House in the City of Westminster.

The requirement & Solution

Transport for London (TfL) is currently upgrading existing railway points monitoring systems used in the London Underground.

To avoid unnecessary costs and re-certification on the system, TFL requires that the new and improved hardware fit within the existing IP rated enclosures located in the field.

From a design provided by TFL, the Amplicon Engineering Services team were asked to design a monitoring system that could be mounted on the lid of the IP rated enclosure so it can be easily replaced.

Specification details:

  • Fanless & Compact Design
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • ATOM E3845 CPU with Solid State Disk (SSD)
  • PC I/O ports positioned to customer requirements for ease of installation in the field
  • 3G router with build-in relay for remote software updates & maintenance