Efficient security surveillance system for the Police force

Our client is committed to delivering reliable and precise solutions for ePolicing, and is a global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions that have been ranked in an industry Top 10 by the National Security Brand (NSB).

The requirement

In order to achieve their goal of implementing a mobile speed trap, the company required a solution with exceptional reliability, superb cooling properties, and a low maintenance design. In addition, the company wanted a platform which was suitable for 24/7 outdoor operation, with a processor powerful enough to support image processing and number plate recognition using a fanless industrial computer solution. After much market research, the vendor chose Nexcom hardware as the basis for their professional ePolice solution.

The solution

Police-security-surveillance-system.jpg The Nexcom fanless computer, NISE 3140M met the customer specification exactly; housed in a compact robust chassis, the NISE 3140M is a dust-free, reliable fanless platform that greatly lowers maintenance costs. Moreover, a wide operating temperature from -5°~55°C, and compact dimensions means the NISE 3140M is perfect for meeting the challenges associated with outdoor applications.

The powerful NISE 3140M is equipped with the GM45 chipset and Intel™ Core™ 2 Duo processor, making it the ideal solution for processing the rich media images usually associated with number plate recognition. This superb performance enables the user to efficiently remove noise, de-interlace, sharpen, and adjust the colour on video footage from HD cameras.

The customer was pleased with the multitude of peripheral interfaces that offer great expansion opportunities. The NISE 3140M comes with interfaces such as a Gigabit Ethernet LAN port, IEEE 1394b, and PCIe which allow IP-based HD camera connection and SD video capture card integration. Furthermore, with dual HDD installation, the NISE 3140M offers configurations of RAID 0 or RAID 1, giving support for critical data backups. After successfully integrating, the NISE 3140M now performs various tasks such as checking for speeding vehicles. It has now become more efficient and accurate. Most importantly, the final solution exceeded all expectations.


A traditional security surveillance application relies on human resources for task execution, such as speed testing and monitoring; however, this often results in inefficiency, inaccuracy and increased labour costs. By integrating the Nexcom fanless computer into their computerised police system, an e-police force was able to significantly reduce human resource deployment and simultaneously enhance the system efficiency and performance.

Why Amplicon?

By talking to one of our Sales Engineering team, the right equipment was selected on time and within budget. Further work from Amplicon™s engineering team meant that the solution was customised to meet the exact requirements of the application at 'off the shelf' pricing.