CCTV Security on French railways

Amplicon’s French distributor GMI Databox were approached by the main Integrator for a major CCTV application within the French Railway network. GMI Databox have many years of successful experience with the Amplicon range of industrial computers, they had previously worked with major blue chip integrators on similar projects.

The requirement

french-rail.jpg The Integrator had already completed the first stage of this major project when they contacted GMI. After only a few months of the original systems going live, the Integrator had experienced extremely high failure rates. A team of Engineers from GMI and Amplicon visited several railways stations in the Paris area where the failures had occurred. After a full investigation, it was concluded that the original hardware supplied was not capable of long term trouble-free operation.

Amplicon offered the customer a standard Impact-R 2000 system with additional LAN and PCI modem. There were some critical criteria that had to be met. Under certain circumstances, the systems would need to cope with +50°C and would also need to be available for a minimum of 5 years. The systems had to be delivered within a very tight budget, the customer was not willing to pay anymore than he had paid for the competitors failing solution!

The solution

Amplicon were confident that an off the shelf system with few modifications could meet the high standards required by the application. Without the need for costly additional testing or re-engineering, Amplicon were able to deliver the systems on time and within budget. No notable failures have been reported in two years of service and GMI are confident of securing the next phase of this major project.

Why Amplicon?

With over 50 years of experience in supplying high-end solutions and many similar projects already completed Amplicon were the first choice to supply hardware for this high profile project.

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