CCTV Camera Control

A long term client of Amplicon had a project for installing their CCTV equipment into a large city centre. Although having their own set of IP Cameras and software engineering experience in house, our client requested the assistance of Amplicon for our Industrial Computing knowledge.

The requirement

Our client required a system to run their software, controlling pan, tilt and zoom for their IP cameras.

The solution

cctv.jpg Due to the adverse weather conditions the installation can be subjected to it was clear that a standard computer system would not be suitable and therefore a stronger, rugged and more reliable solution was required.

With temperatures ranging from -10°C to 45°C over the year we had to ensure all components of the PC would continue to operate.

Amplicon's Impact-E system clearly stood out from the competition, based on Intel's Pentium M/Celeron M processors, the Impact-E is designed for space-critical applications requiring a fanless operation, extreme reliability, low power consumption and a versatile I/O configuration. Housed in compact heavy-duty aluminium cases, they provide a maintenance-free solution.

For this application, Amplicon recommended the use of a CompactFlash drive as a 2.5" hard drive would not be suitable in the extreme temperature range.

A further requirement for our client was the replacement of the two USB ports on the front of the unit with a single 9 way D type. Due to the large quantity of the order, Amplicon were able to make this change.

Why Amplicon?

The Security Automation market is a strong and growing sector for Amplicon and this proved to be the deciding factor in our client approaching us. The Impact-E as our client states is a reason they will return to Amplicon.