Keysight U1600 series

Keysight Handheld digital oscilloscope, up to 200MHz bandwidth

Key Features

  • 20/40/100/200 MHz bandwidth with isolated channels

  • 5.7-inch VGA TFT LCD display with 3 selectable viewingmodes (indoor, outdoor and night vision)
  • 2 Mpts memory depth and 2 GSa/s sampling rate allow detailed analysis of captured glitches
  • 10,000-count resolution on DMM display
  • Channel-to-channel isolation with CAT III 600 V safety ratings
  • Data logging capability and USB connectivity
  • Up to 10 selectable languages offered on the User
  • Interface (UI) system
  • 3 year warranty

From £3,230.00

The U1600 series handheld digital oscilloscopes have a 5.5" colour LCD that is capable of clearly distinguishing waveforms between two channels. They offer a high performance troubleshooting and quality assurance tool for technical professionals in the installation, maintenance, service and automotive industries.

The Dual Waveform Math (DWM) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) functions (U1604A/B only) can perform quick waveform analysis in both time and frequency domains. The built-in DMM comes with auto-range feature that gives users the flexibility to perform quick and accurate measurements including voltage and resistance.

The U1600 series also comes with data logging functionality as standard that allows users to consolidate a sequence of data points for data recording purposes.'

Form Factor
100 MHz
200 MHz
Memory Depth
2 Mpts
Sample Rate
2 GSa/s
Zone Touch Trigger
Multi Domain Analysis
Gated FFT
Integrated DVM
Segment Memory
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