FEMA I3P series

Isolated signal conditioner for process signals

Key Features

  • Process input = mA, Vdc, temperature sensors, potentiometers and resistance signal
  • Easy configuration by push-button using codes
  • Universal Power Supply 18-265Vac/Dc
  • Galvanically isolated input, output and power circuit
  • DIN Rail mount

Price £159.24

The I3P signal conditioner has a fully configurable process input that is capable of taking: mA, Vdc, temperature sensors, potentiometers and resistance signals. Combined with a configurable output that can provide either a 4/20mA or 0/10Vdc signal. 

It has a universal power supply that can take from 18 to 265Vac/Dc and has 3-way isolation protection between the input, output and power circuits. The I3P provides an easy and fast configuration using configuration codes and includes a toolset that can generate low and high output signals, to help validate your installation.

Signal Input
Operating Voltage
18 - 265 Vac/Dc
Output signal
0/10 Vdc
4/20 mA
DIN Rail
Datasheet 381.66 KB
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