AdderLink Analogue iPEPs series

The ADDERLink iPEPs delivers a complete, secure, non-blocking approach to Remote Server management

Key Features

  • IPEPS = IP Engine per server
  • Secure remote connectivity
  • USB or PS/2 keyboard and mouse connections
  • Auto sensing 10/100 Mb Ethernet port
  • IPEPS DA model has feed through port that provides local KVM console access
  • Supports exclusive access mode or up to four simultaneous connections
  • Up to 16 units can be rackmounted in 2U of rack space

From £420.26

The IPEPS is a compact, powerful, flexible and cost effective KVM over IP product.

The AdderLink IPEPS (IP Engine per Server) delivers a completely secure approach to computer management. This product enables secure and remote computer access from anywhere via Internet or corporate network connection. The AdderLink IPEPS uses Real VNC client software that is specifically designed for secure, high performance KVM over IP applications.

Typical applications include uses in ATM control and digital signage public information displays.

With all KVM products, Amplicon recommends the use of shielded CATx cabling.


KVM Category
10 m
30 m
50 m
100 m
150 m
300 m
1 km
4 km
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