Replacing dial-up modems with ‘Ethernet modems’

Many old BMS systems use dial-up modems to retrieve information from systems located at remote sites. This can be costly and un-necessary given that many companies now have a WAN infrastructure across all their sites. Using the WAN that is already in place can save the cost of each and every telephone call and provide a much more integrated solution.

Ethernet modems

ethernet modems

The example above shows a managed BMS System with a central bureau that connects to modems all around the country.

In the diagram below, we have replaced the dial-up modems with Ethernet modems removing the dependence on the telephone network and using the company wide WAN to provide inter-site connectivity. The cost of ownership argument for moving to this solution is very strong as the costs saved in telephone calls quickly negate the cost of hardware and installation.

ethernet modems

The key to the Ethernet modem solution is the custom firmware developed by Amplicon that allows existing BMS software to be seamlessly used. No changes need to be made as the Ethernet modem responds to AT command just like a standard dial-up modem. A lookup table inside the device enables telephone numbers to be converted to IP addresses – nothing more needs to be changed!