Amplicon & NI have partnered to offer you a mega bundle! (This offer has now ended)


For a limited time, Amplicon is offering a superb bundle deal that combines Amplicon's Industrial computers with NI's market leading software helping engineers enhance their test, measurement and automation processes at an amazing price. This offer ended on August 31st.

Test Workflow mega bundle pricing

Senses-1100-range-NI-test-workflow-standard-and-pro.jpg Impact-R-2060-range-NI-test-workflow-standard-and-pro.jpg

Explore the Amplicon Industrial PC's and NI Test Workflow

What is NI Test Workflow?


Test Workflow is a complete collection of NI application software featuring tools to help test engineers at every step of the test process and accomplish their day-to-day work challenges. 

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NI Test Workflow: Software for research, validation and production Test