A complete lab test bench solution - Keysight SBE instruments

The Keysight Smart Bench Essentials (SBE) series is an affordable and modern design solution including four professional-grade instruments — a DMM, power supply, function generator, and oscilloscope — plus the powerful PathWave remote connectivity software.

The SBE series are ideal for test workbenches in modern university teaching labs, smart manufacturing and R&D.


Four Test Instruments — One Connected Interface

Keysight Smart Bench Essentials (SBE) leverages the capabilities of four unique test instruments through one powerful graphical interface with integrated data management and analysis, providing the following key benefits:

    • Unified Instrument Management

      Configure, control, and monitor multiple instruments from a single screen.

    • Automated Workflows

      Automate common tasks from test set up to report generation.

    • Remote Lab Collaboration

      Test, analyse, and share lab instruments and data remotely.

    • Centralised Lab Management

      Manage an entire lab through a single screen interface.

    • Seamless software integration

      PathWave BenchVue software applications allows you to test, analyse and share collaborative results worldwide.

PathWave BenchVue - Smart Software for Smart Instruments

Smart Bench Essentials series works seamlessly with Keysight PathWave software, allowing you to test, analyse, and share results collaboratively, across the room or around the world. The SBC series also includes the optional PathWave Remote Access Lab software and the PathWave Lab Manager software to enhance the lab experience and productivity.

03-Keysight-PathWave BenchVue-Smart-Software.jpg


Customer Benefits


Large displays with a consistent graphical user interface for at test instruments.


Consistent software user interface for easy setup connection.


Manage lab assets and setup configuration effortlessly.


Intuitive lab tools track long list of assets and keep instruments up to date.


Access lab equipment securely through cloud-based remote lab scheduling and session booking.


Test, analyse and share results collaboratively, across the room or across the world.


Little or no learning required to set up and control the test hardware.


Store test results and export data for post analysis world and report generation.