Amplicon Engineers attend Keysight’s 5-day training in Germany

Earlier this month, Amplicon Sales Development Engineer Sam Pollard and Electrical Engineer, Amr Metwaly attended Keysight’s full on 5-day training event held in Böblingen, Germany.

Throughout this intensive course, Sam and Amr had the opportunity to engage in comprehensive training and practical demonstrations on various Keysight’s product such as Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Power Supplies, Signal Analysers, Battery Emulation systems, and Waveform Generators.

During their visit, they toured the facility leaning how Keysight manufactures their machinery for producing Keysight products. They also learned about legacy Keysight instruments and explored software compatibility with Keysight equipment. At the week's end, Sam and Amr got to test car chargers using Keysight's High-Power series, designed for testing electric vehicle charging interfaces.

This has been a great opportunity for Amplicon Engineers to tour Keysight facilities and have a more in-depth knowledge on Keysight products production. This even provided an amazing opportunity to network with industry experts, connect with other European distributors and gain valuable insights that will undoubtedly enhance their skills and knowledge in their respective fields.