Amplicon, still fabulous at 50!

Celebrating a milestone birthday can be either full of anticipation or one to dread completely!

January of 1973 saw the launch of Amplicon Electronics, a specialist technical distribution company. Our name Amplicon came from AMPLIfication and CONversion the key skills of our original founders.

Some fifty years later, whilst very successful in the key objective of staying in business for at least 2 years, Amplicon is still going strong. We’ve weathered many storms, recessions, changes in our business model, and even a management buy-out.

Amplicon continues to leverage its technical product and applications knowledge to differentiate its offering to the marketplace. In our recent history, we have fully returned to our engineering roots and now boast a state of the art manufacturing facility at our Brighton headquarters.

Amplicon 50th Anniversary celebration

Made in Brighton, sold to the world

From humble beginnings, Amplicon has grown into a global provider of complex, connected computer-based measurement and automation systems.

Despite the fact that Brighton is not the epicenter of the distribution world, Amplicon has made the city its home for 50 years! In addition to our local procurement efforts, we remain committed to supporting our local community and charities.

Amplicon logo history




Our company logo has evolved hand-in-hand with our incredible journey.
From its humble beginnings to today,
our logo reflects our growth, innovation, and adaptability.

Amplicon founding facts

Amplicon brand evolution

Amplicon timeline


“As we look to our future, which we know will be challenging and exciting, Team Amplicon invite you our much valued customers, colleagues and friends to join with us in 12 months of fun and celebrations.”


Gina Citroni

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