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The Dog Hotel tv series
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This month along with our usual selection of exciting product, helpful whitepapers and case studies I invite you to chuckle at my first venture into TV stardom! For the past few months Team Amplicon has played host to a 10 part series called the Dog Hotel, it has certainly been a hectic and hilarious time.

Gina Citroni - CEO

I hope you enjoy the short YouTube video of the Dog Hotel filming fun
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Asset monitoring system for LAND Instruments
LAND case studyIn our discussions with Amplicon engineering services customers we see clear evidence of the benefits in partnering with Amplicon for the integration of rackmount cabinets. There are savings to be achieved in both actual costs and time saved; these are both achievable and measurable.

With over 15 years of experience our engineering and configuration team will expertly manage the build and integration of your cabinet simplifying your supply chain to a single order, with a single point of technical & engineering support.

Our latest case study highlights how Amplicon worked with LAND Instruments International, a world leader in the design and application of infrared temperature measurement for industry designing and building a complex industrial monitoring system.

LAND Instruments required an asset monitoring system that would check and record images from a total of 44 thermal imaging cameras operating on a 24/7 basis.

Find out more about the project with LAND
One touch recovery from Amplicon

Amplicon RecoveryFrom time to time, operating systems can become slow, bloated, corrupted, or in a worst case scenario infected with viruses. Amplicon now offer a solution saving you the time and expense of a full fresh install.

This new option allows you to restore the operating system to the exact state as it arrived in your warehouse. Custom specific operating system configurations can be tailored to your needs by our production team, giving you the setup you need and demand.

The "Amplicon Recovery" can be executed from within the operating system, via F8, or F10. Using F10 gains instant access to the recovery tool, whereas F8 gives you the option to attempt a repair saving you even greater time and energy.

See The Amplicon Recovery.

Find out more about Amplicon Recovery
Amplicon introduces the new AWK-1131A with 802.11n
Moxa AWK-1131A industrial Wireless Access PointThe AWK-1131A industrial wireless AP/client meets the growing demand for faster data transmission with IEEE 802.11n. The IEEE 802.11n technology increases data throughput, range and in this instance can achieve a net data rate of up to 300 Mbps.

The AWK-1131A is fully compliant with the latest industrial standards and approvals that cover operating temperature, power input voltage, surge, ESD and vibration. The AWK-1131A has two redundant DC power inputs, this increases the reliability of the unit and offers protection against power failure.

The AWK-1131A has a dual-band Wi-Fi interface that can operate on either the 2.4 or 5 GHz bands and is backward-compatible with existing 802.11a/b/g deployments to future-proof your wireless investments. Please see the Amplicon white paper on IEEE 802.11n for further information.

Find out more about the AWK-1131A
user-friendly spectrum analyser

Keysight N9320B specturm analyserThe Keysight N9320B is a spectrum analyser with a 9kHz to 3GHz frequency range with optional features such as tracking generator and preamplifier.

The N9320B is one of the fastest analysers in its class and offers high accuracy with a non-zero span sweep of 10ms and a resolution bandwidth (RBW) range of 10Hz to 1MHz, allowing a wide range of frequencies to be resolved quickly and accurately.

In addition to its many features the N9320B is able to carry out repeated tests through the use of shortcuts and auto-tuning meaning it is much quicker and easier to find the desired measurements and results, making the N9320B ideal for the manufacturing industry.

Find out more about the N9320B
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