PCI Express

1ADLINK PCIe-9852 series, CP-104EL-A-DB9M 4 port PCI Express RS232 board, with 4xDB9M cable low profile
ADLINK 2-CH 14-Bit 200 MS/s High-Speed PCI Express Digitiser/Oscilloscope From £5376.06
1ADLINK PCIe-9814 series
ADLINK 4-CH 12-Bit 80MS/s PCI Express Digitiser From £2016.95
1ADLINK DAQe-2000 series, DAQ 2010 2MS/s simultaneous sampling board, 14-bit, PCI
ADLINK 4-CH, 14/16-Bit, Up to 2MS/s Simultaneous Sampling Multifunction From £1250.21
1ADLINK PCIE-9834 series
ADLINK 4-CH 16-Bit 80MS/s PCI Express Digitiser From £2300.21
1ADLINK PCIe-9529 series
ADLINK 8-CH, 24-bit, 192 kS/s Dynamic Signal Acquisition Module From £4299.36
1ADLINK DAQe-2213 / 2214 series
ADLINK 16-CH, 16-Bit, 250kS/s Multifunction Cards From £542.80
1ADLINK DAQe-2200 series
ADLINK 64-CH, 12/16-Bit, Up to 3MS/s Multifunction Cards From £965.47
1ADLINK DAQe-2208 series, DAQe-2005 500kS/s simultaneous sampling board, 16-bit, PCI Express
ADLINK 96-CH, 12-Bit, 3MS/s High-Density Analogue Input From £1364.41



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