Remote Ethernet I/O modules

1ICP DAS ET-7000/PET-7000 series
IPC DAS Ethernet measurement and control modules From £153.70
1ICP DAS tET/tPET Series
ICP DAS Compact Ethernet/Power over Ethernet I/O Modules From £82.51
1ICP DAS WISE-5231M-3GWA series
ICP DAS Intelligent user-defined I/O Modules with SMS & Data Logger Function From £865.56
1ICP DAS MQ-7200 Series, IOIT Module for TopMessage, 24 isolated status inputs + 1 switch output
ICP DAS MQTT Ethernet I/O modules From £210.32
1Moxa ioLogik E1200 series
Moxa remote Ethernet I/O server with 2-port switch From £134.30
1Moxa ioLogik E1500 series, A5B41-01 Wide bandwidth input module, input ±1V, output ±5V
Moxa Railway remote I/O with M12 connector From £720.78
1Moxa ioLogik E2210/E2212/E2214 series, Accessories
Moxa Active Ethernet digital I/O server From £221.41
1Moxa ioLogik E2240 / E2242 series, Mains lead: UK plug (5A fuse) to IEC320 socket, 1.8m long in black
Moxa Active Ethernet analog I/O server From £390.21
1Moxa ioLogik E2260 / E2262 series, Agilent U1604A 40MHz handheld oscilloscope
Moxa Active Ethernet I/O for temperature sensors From £372.05
1Moxa ioLogik 2512 series
Moxa Smart remote I/O with 8 DIs, 8 DI/Os with 8 DIs, 8 DI/Os, GPRS, HSPA & Wireless LAN and Click&GO Plus Logic From £411.88
1Moxa ioLogik 2542 series
Moxa ioLogik 2542 with 4 AIs, 12 DI/Os, GPRS, HSPA & Wireless LAN, and Click&Go Plus From £545.98
1Moxa ioMirror E3210 series, PCI-7444 Isolated 128 digital output channels card, PCI
Moxa Ethernet Peer-to-Peer I/O server From £205.09



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