Test Systems for innovative identification technology by Ingenia

Ingenia Technology Limited (ITL) was founded in 2003 and specialises in the authentication and verification of papers, plastics and metals, as used in documents, ID cards and product packaging. Ingenia’s new and innovative technology generates a unique fingerprint of a product’s surface.

The requirement & Solution


Ingenia approached Amplicon in late September 2009 looking for a partner who could configure a cabinet of pre-specified equipment. This was to include Industrial PCs for data acquisition.

The Amplicon engineering team designed the Schroff cabinets to include custom made housings for Ingenia’s hardware, a solution for a safety stop button and a customized cable management system. Amplicon’s high specification Ventrix 4000 series industrial computer was chosen. This included a single-board computer and CPU from Intel’s roadmap to ensure complete stability for 24x7 operation and long term availability.

The network was designed by Amplicon’s Data Communications Application Engineer based on a design brief from the customer. It was designed to provide the highest speed of data traffic, give redundant ring technology, virtual LAN infrastructure and a Layer 3 switch to make integration of the rack into the end customer’s site and network as easy as possible.



In order to complete the project within the tight time frames Amplicon appointed a team of engineers headed by a project manager to coordinate and manage each step of the build process. The customer was invited to site to inspect the build of his cabinets and again at the end of the project to complete a factory acceptance check. They were very satisfied with Amplicon’s ability to build a customized solution.

The Amplicon engineering team made a positive contribution to the Ingenia system

Dr. Simon Buehlmann - Ingenia Technology Limited (ITL)

Why Amplicon?

Amplicon were selected for this project based on our ability to deliver a complete and customized solution, our flexibility and willingness to incorporate customer-specific hardware and our competitiveness.