SMART Services from BMT ARGOSS Amplicon

BMT ARGOSS is a specialist provider and leading innovator in the field of marine environmental information. BMT ARGOSS provide the design of offshore structures, downtime analysis, operations planning and the execution of maritime operations.

The requirement & Solution

smart-services.jpg The client approached Amplicon with the intention of finding a supplier to support the upcoming launch of their SMART Services software package. The system uses information obtained from sensors on-board the vessel and automatically combines this data with information from validated wind and wave hindcast databases. This allows the optimum filtering of raw data to obtain the most representative trend analysis possible for any particular combination of loaded condition, trim, weather and sea states.

BMT ARGOSS needed a platform which would ensure maximum up-time with the capacity to manage their data throughput as well as fit into their clients existing IT systems. Having dealt with Amplicon for a number of years for the supply of serial communication and Analogue I/O boards, BMT ARGOSS already had experience of a supplier they could trust and rely on.

It was decided that the Ventrix 531 Tower system would provide the most suitable solution to run their systems. As an SBC based Industrial PC; reliability, ruggedness, and repeatability are at the core of the Ventrix design. With this being a 24/7 application, up-time is paramount with costs of '30,000+ to run a vessel on a daily basis. With the latest Intel i7 processors the solution would also manage any number of CPU intensive tasks placed on it; this combined with a road-mapped design to ensure long-term availability of system components, both BMT ARGOSS and their clients could rely on the longevity of the system and be confident that the systems would be identical year-on-year.


Following successful trials, the Ventrix 531 has now been selected as the only recommended platform for the running of the SMART Services package. Both Amplicon and BMT ARGOSS hope to expand on this success with other projects and products.

With more than 10 years of successful partnership we knew that Amplicon would be the right supplier to provide the right solution to our problem.

Mark McLaughlin, Instrumentation Engineer - BMT ARGOSS

Why Amplicon?

Having been an existing supplier to BMT ARGOSS for over 10 years, it was an easy step to make the move to providing complete systems. Amplicon's growing name within the Maritime market made us an early front runner and our willingness to adapt a solution to meet the clients' needs without compromising quality was a welcome change.