PXI Improves Production Testing on Vehicle Dashboards

The customer, a leading UK supplier of production line assembly, test and inspection systems to manufacturing companies in the automotive industry; specialising in the design and manufacture of bespoke production equipment.

The requirement & Solution

pxi-app-automotive.jpg The project was to provide a bespoke end-of-line test system for testing the dashboards used in a new range of vehicles being produced at a UK car manufacturing plant.

With any end-of-line test system, it is important that the solution performs effectively and efficiently with the goal of meeting the factory demands from the production line; that it can accurately identify any faults with the dashboard before it is fitted to the vehicle and that it provides for the most cost-effective method in line with budgetary constraints.

To deliver against the design and cost criteria set by the end customer, Amplicon, working with the systems integrator, choose a PXI platform as the basis for the test system. By using a PXI platform, the space taken up in the cabinet was greatly reduced compared to other test and measurement standards. Fitted in the PXI 19' rackmount chassis was a PXI controller, Digital Multimeters, multiplexers, digital IO and high-speed data acquisition PXI cards.


The choice of a PXI system allowed for the space and price constraints to be met without compromising performance. The customer was able to benefit from the Amplicon pre and post-sales engineering support; including assistance with the setup and installation stages for this important client.

Why Amplicon?

Due to the success of this application, both the systems integrators and Amplicon have already been chosen to provide future test and inspection systems.