Environmental Monitoring of Work Areas

Canberra, an Areva company, is a world leader in providing measurement solutions and expertise for radiological emergency response and environmental monitoring; with over 40 years of experience in this field.

The requirement & Solution

Canberra-Moxa-ME51.jpg Canberra had been asked to supply a high integrity Ethernet connection over distances that exceeded the capabilities of copper; they determined to integrate optical converters to give fibre optic capability for the solution. Canberra needed reliable equipment at a value for money cost and short lead-times; these being typical must-haves in all projects. The basic equipment provided a continuous air monitor which filters a forced flow of air and records and reports values detected on the filter. In this system solution, there are 60 monitors linked together forming a large part of the environmental monitoring for work areas.


Amplicon worked with the project team from Canberra and provided free pre-sales application consultancy and advice to help identify products suitable for implementation. The Moxa ME-51 range of media converters were recommended as they allow the conversion from copper Ethernet to Fibre giving the ability to move data over a greater distance; this range can also provide both security and integrity of the information being transmitted. The other key requirement was competitive pricing with delivery to the required timescales; both achieved by the Amplicon team.

I have a good working relationship with Amplicon and was confident that they could take the worry out of his part of our project.

Richard Thompson, project director - Canberra

Why Amplicon?

Canberra had previous experience of working successfully with the Amplicon team in similar projects and knew that they could rely on Amplicon's knowledge in this area of expertise.