Amplicon bring tailored on-demand TV to luxury hotels across the globe

Amplicon were approached by a start-up company back in 2006. The technical director had an idea for bringing free to air satellite channels into the luxury hotel market.

The requirement & Solution

The product would allow hoteliers to tailor the channels according to the needs of their guests and provide a completely bespoke TV service. They had tested their theory on a number of commercial PCs however, one thing became clear, a commercial PC had neither the right number of available PCI slots nor did they offer any kind of guarantee on the chipsets used. The customer needed a platform which could offer a guaranteed number of full-length PCI slots it was also essential that the build was consistent. These units would be positioned in countries from Australia to England, from Finland to South Africa and across the Americas. From a service point of view, the continuity of the internals of each machine was crucial. Moreover, the customer would need to work with the units for a minimum of 3 months prior to installation to prepare software and install the specialist cards, because of this a long warranty was vital.

4003.jpg 6003.jpg



The customer has been using Amplicon Ventrix machines for two years and to date has purchased in excess of £100,000 worth of Amplicon machines. The PC’s are bringing on-demand tailored solutions to guests across the globe in some of the biggest brand hotels in the world. The customer is working on new solutions that will allow guests to specifically tailor their TV by use of a loyalty card and internet log-on and Amplicon will also provide the communications capabilities for this project. The customer is happy that in the last two years the systems have remained consistent with no significant alterations to the original specification.

Why Amplicon?

Amplicon was chosen from a number of potential suppliers for our reputation for quality and our ability to deliver a system fit for purpose on-time and within budget. Amplicon also offered the customer a dedicated account manager who would ensure the highest levels of customer service. Amplicon’s standard 3-year warranty meant that the customer could have peace of mind that they could deliver a 12-month warranty to their end customer without concern and this was considered a great advantage. The Ventrix 6003 with its 18 PCI slots enabled the customer to deliver an almost limitless number of channels into a hotel and the Ventrix 4003 was perfect for the smaller operations. Both machines have the same single-board computer, the PEAK 760VL2, which meant that servicing was simple. The same chipset in both machines meant that software installs were effortless and hard drive cloning was possible slashing the original set-up time.