Tofino Xenon series

Tofino Industrial Security Appliance with extensive Layer 2 and Layer 3 firewalling features

Key Features

  • 2x 100BASE-TX, 1x 100BASE-FX & 1x 100BASE-TX, or 2x 100BASE-FX (dependent on device variant)
  • Protection class - IP20
  • Fanless Deisgn
  • Industrial firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
  • Optional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Power 12 to 48 V DC, 24 V AC redundant power supply (dependent on device variant)
  • DIN Rail mount

From £849.60

The Tofino Xenon industrial security appliance provides comprehensive network protection. It is a versatile, extremely ruggedized device that ensures maximum data protection for production systems and is the ideal solution for segmenting a control network into security zones. 

Tofino Xenon can be installed into an existing control system with no changes to the network, forming, conduits of communications between the zones. It is a combination of the proven Tofino software with state-of-the-art hardware and complies with global standards, is easy to integrate into existing networks and its unique "test mode" reduces installation risks, such as network interruptions or configuration errors.

Type of Ports
Fiber SC Multi Mode
Copper RJ45
WAN Ports (GE)
LAN Ports (FE)
Built-in DMZ Support
Cellular Connectivity
Max Operating Temperature
60 °C
Min Operating Temperature
0 °C
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