Amplicon Senses 4K Open Frame series

Amplicon Senses KOF series, open frame displays, 23 inch screen size

Key Features

  • 15", 17" & 23" models (up to 65" available)
  • DP++ and HDMI interface as standard
  • Open Frame for OEM/ODM integration¬†
  • Slim, aesthetic design¬†
  • LCD Display

Price £1,847.84

The Amplicon Senses 4K are a series of rugged open frame LCD displays designed for industrial applications.

Available in 23” screen size, this series features LED technology, providing users with a crisp and clear image. The Senses 4K series have been designed to withstand harsh environments.

The open frame Senses 4K range come with DP++ and HDMI interfaces as standard.

310 cd/m2
Screen Size
23 inch
3840 x 2160 (4K UHD)
Open Frame
Display Port
Datasheet 231.78 KB
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