NI CompactDAQ 92xx series

CompactDAQ Multi-Purpose Analogue Input and Output Modules

Key Features

  • Support for Voltages and Currents, Accelerometers, Powered Sensors, Full-bridges, Quarter-bridges, Half-bridges, Strain gages, Thermocouples & RTDs
  • Ability to synchronise all modules through the CompactDAQ chassis backplane
  • Rugged, portable and hot-swappable design to easily customise your DAQ application

From £455.00

The CompactDAQ NI-92xx Series modules help you perform multi-purpose measurements offering both Voltage/Current inputs and outputs . They include built-in support for accelerometers, powered sensors, full-bridges, and voltage measurements as well as quarter-bridge, half-bridge, 60 V, and current measurements using measurement-specific adapters.

You also can choose options to measure signals from sensors such as strain gages, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermocouples, load cells, and other powered sensors. 

NI - National Instruments
Communication Interface
Serial bus
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