Moxa TCC-82 series

Moxa Compact, self-powered RS232 isolator

Key Features

  • Provides 4kV electrical isolation to RS232 links
  • Integrated surge protection offers additional protection
  • Isolation of RTS / CTS signals as well as data lines
  • Self-powered or externally powered
  • Compact size
  • 5 year warranty

Price £62.11

The Moxa TCC-82 is a signal isolator that provides bi-directional serial communication with full electrical isolation between two RS-232 devices. It isolates both sides of the connection optically to provide protection from lightning surges, accidental high voltage shorts and removes the problems associated with ground loops.

In addition to the Tx and Rx data lines, the Moxa TCC-82 also protects the RTS/CTS handshake lines. If you are suffering spurious data errors on your serial connection, the TCF-82 may well be the solution to your problem.

Type of Serial Ports
Max Operating Temperature
60 °C
Min Operating Temperature
0 °C
up to 921.6 Kbps
Input Voltage
5 to 12 VDC
Datasheet 931.72 KB
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