Moxa NPort 6600 series

Moxa 8/16/32-port RS-232/422/485 rackmount secure terminal servers with data buffering

Key Features

  • Selectable RS232, RS422 & RS485 to Ethernet device / console server
  • Serial data buffering / logging function, prevents data loss
  • High security operation using SSL encryption in all modes
  • Dial in / out capability using PPP / SLIP + routing functions
  • PPPoE support for direct connection to ADSL modems
  • Support for 'any' baud rate to 921.6kbps, even non-standard settings
  • Dynamic DNS capability
  • Rugged metal enclosure, rackmount or free-standing

From £889.48

The Moxa NPort 6600 series are a range of 8, 16 and 32 port serial to Ethernet converters that can operate as fully-fledged terminal servers. They have many advanced features including SSL security, "any baud rate" capability and port buffering that stores serial data if the Ethernet connection is lost.

A range of network expansion modules provide GPRS, PSTN and fibre-optic connectivity if alternate LAN / WAN connectivity solutions are required.

The units are available as 48Vdc or mains powered.

Rack Mounting
Serial Ports
Type of Serial Ports
Ethernet Ports
Type of Ethernet Ports
Copper RJ45
Max Operating Temperature
55 °C
Min Operating Temperature
0 °C
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