ICF-1150-M-SC - 96095097

ICF-1150-M-SC Industrial RS-232/422/485 to multimode fibre converter SC connector, 0 to +60°C operating temperature

Key Features

  • Extend serial communications up to 40km
  • RS232, RS485 and fibre-optic 3-way communications
  • -40 to +85°C models available
  • 3-way galvanic isolation
  • Class I, Div II certification (pending)
  • 5 year warranty

The Moxa ICF-1150 series serial media converters support 2 serial ports with a DB9 connector for RS232 communication and a removable terminal block for RS422/RS485 connections. The 3 ports (2 serial ports and one fibre port) are completely independent. When a Moxa ICF-1150 converter receives data from any one port, it will send the data out through the other 2 ports. This unique product also allows the user to tune the pull high/low resistor via a rotary switch for reliable RS485 communications.

Type of Ethernet Ports
Multimode Fiber SC
Max Operating Temperature
60 °C
Min Operating Temperature
0 °C
Optical Isolation
up to 921.6 Kbps
Up to 5Km
ICF-1150-M-SC Datasheet Datasheet 1.02 MB
Code: 96048563 Sunpower DR-4524 45W DIN rail smps, universal input, 24Vdc @ 2A output
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