Keysight U8000 series

Keysight Non-programmable DC power supply

Key Features

  • Single output, single range DC power supply (U8000 series)
  • Provides total power of 375 W for three outputs (U8030 series)
  • Output sequencing capability
  • Excellent load and line regulation (CV: < 0.01% + 2 mV; CC: < 0.02% +2 mA) ensures stable output
  • Provides clean output with ± 1 mVrms (0.5 mVrms typical) noise
  • Fast < 50µs transient response for stable testing
  • Dual display shows both voltage and current reading
  • Over-voltage and over-current protection
  • Security features: keypad lock and physical lock mechanism

From £366.00

The new U8000 series single output, non-programmable DC power supply from Keysight (formerly Agilent), includes many features typically only found in costly programmable supplies. The U8000 series delivers excellent value by providing reliable DC power, efficient setup capabilities and security features such as front panel lock out and a physical mechanism.

The U8030 series triple outputs offers two models- the U8031A and U8032A,each with different voltage and current ratings to cater to your needs. Both models are well-regulated compact bench-tops with total output of 375 W, making it an ideal power source alternative in electronics manufacturing, research and development as well as education sector.

Form Factor
Compact Power Supplies
Max Volts
21 - 60
Max Watts
100 - 115, 230Vac, 47/63Hz
Operating Temperature
0 - 40 °C
0 - 55 °C
8 kg
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