Keysight Streamline Series

Keysight 200MHz to 1GHz Bandwidth, 5 GSa/s USB Oscilloscopes

Key Features

  • 200 MHz, 500 MHz or 1 GHz bandwidths available
  • Advanced triggering enables capture and analysis of complex signals
  • Visual triggers (zone touch and mask) make trigger and capture of signal errors quick and easy
  • Serial protocol analysis and triggering for most common protocols
  • Automated FFT and waveform math extend analysis
  • Segmented memory can analyze 1000 events
  • Protocol analyzer for I²C, UART, CAN, LIN, CXPI
  • 20-MHz arbitrary waveform generator

From £4,244.00

The Keysight Streamline Series P924xA USB oscilloscopes finally bring the renowned InfiniiVision usability and performance to USB oscilloscopes. 

Many USB users have been using digitiser hardware with software that simulates an oscilloscope for test and troubleshooting. The limitations of this configuration are often overlooked and can cause signification problems. For instance, when an instrument says it has a high waveform update rate, people usually expect it to have a higher probability of catching random and infrequent glitches, but this isn’t the case for those instruments. In addition, common measurements like waveform averaging and advanced waveform triggers are also not available. 

The Keysight Streamline Series USB oscilloscopes changes this by requiring minimum support from a central processing unit (CPU), as most of their core operations are handled by the MegaZoom IV smart memory. MegaZoom also includes hardware serial decoders and hardware mask/limit testing capability, supports GUI operation and integrates additional instruments like a function/arbitrary waveform generator.

In conclusion, the P924xA USB oscilloscopes utilise hardware to perform many of the functions traditional digitisers do with software on the CPU. By doing more in hardware, P924xA Series oscilloscopes can analyse more of the signal than ever before. 

Form Factor
PC Based
200 MHz
500 MHz
1 GHz
Memory Depth
4 Mpts
Sample Rate
5 GSa/s
Zone Touch Trigger
Multi Domain Analysis
Gated FFT
Integrated DVM
Segment Memory
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