Keysight N9340B series

Keysight Portable Spectrum Analyser

Key Features

  • Portable spectrum analyser from 100kHz to 3GHz
  • 6.5" high-resolution screen
  • DSL and IBOC measurement options
  • AM/FM or ASK/ FSK analysis options
  • Optional tracking generator and preamplifier
  • Soft carrying case provided as standard

Price £7,327.00

Regardless of whether you are handling military communications, a Wireless Service Provider (WSP), or involved with spectrum management you need to avoid impaired communication. The N9340B provides you with a reliable, accurate and detailed picture of your communication spectrum.

The Keysight N5340B includes spectrogram as a standard feature, which allows you to display the signal parameters over time. Extended spectrogram option INM allows you to save data to USB flash drive and directly to a PC. It also supports an Automatic Save function for scheduled recording. Many other options are available for enhanced analysis of your specific application.

Form Factor
100kHz to 3GHz
640 x 480
90 - 264V 47/63Hz
Operating Temperature
–10 - +50 °C
3.1 kg
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