34970A - 90986856

Keysight 34970A Free standing datalogger instrument chassis

Key Features

  • Direct sensor measurement
  • 50,000 reading memory
  • Scaling and alarm functions
  • LXI Class C compliant 34972A includes LAN and USB 2.0
  • GPIB and RS232 interfaces on 34970A
  • Self-guiding menus
  • Includes Agilent BenchLink logging software

The Keysight 34972A adds LAN and USB connectivity to the popular 34970A data acquisition system.

They include a built-in 6½ digit DMM and a three-slot card cage which uses plug-in modules to provide a wide variety of input and output options. Screw terminals are included on every module

The 34972A can be controlled by a web based user interface, although Keysight's Benchlink DataLogger software is included with every logger for test, configuration and real-time data display and analysis.

The data acquisition systems are easy to use with a simple configuration procedure, self-guiding front panel, screw terminal connectors.

Displayed Digits
Internal DC Power Output
Max Reading Speed
250 ch/s
100 - 115, 230Vac, 47/63Hz
34970A Datasheet Datasheet 4.38 MB
Code: 96032567 34906A
Keysight 34906A 2GHz dual 1:4 RF multiplexer, 75 Ohm, 60Ch/s
Code: 96032566 34905A
Keysight 34905A 2GHz dual 1:4 RF multiplexer, 50 Ohm, 60Ch/s
Code: 91092736 Keysight 34131A Hard transit case for 2U high instruments
Code: 91082600 Keysight 34830A Data logger Pro software
Code: 91020112 Keysight 34190A rackmount kit
Code: 90986862 34904A
Keysight 34904A 4 x 8 two wire switching module, 120Ch/s
Code: 90986860 34907A
Keysight 34907A Multifunction module with two analog outputs, 16 digital I/O and one 26-bit 100kHz counter
Code: 90986859 34903A
Keysight 34903A 20 channel SPDT relay module, gold plated, 120Ch/s
Code: 90986858 34902A
Keysight 34902A 16 channel diff multiplexer for 2 or 4-wires, 250Ch/s, CJC
Code: 90986857 34901A
Keysight 34901A 20 ch. differential multiplexer for 2 or 4-wires, 60Ch/s, CJC , two 1A current input channels
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