ICP DAS Demo KIT-PMC-5231-01 - 99213166

Demo ICPDAS KIT-PMC-5231-01 Power Management IoT Kit

Key Features

  • Runs on browsers, no extra software tool is required
  • No more programming, user-friendly web pages are provided for building the IoT Cloud system
  • Ready-to-run Energy monitoring and management IoT Cloud solution
  • Flexible integration with the power meter to measure the power consumption of the devices by Modbus protocol
  • Flexible power demand management, data logger and alarm notification functions at field site
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Azure IoT service without programming

Price: £POA

Microsoft and ICP DAS have teamed up to bring you the easy way to implement the Energy monitoring and management IoT (Internet of Things) Cloud system. The ICP DAS Power Management IoT Kit has been designed to help you seamlessly connect the ICP DAS power meters to the cloud with the Microsoft Azure IoT. This kit includes an ICP DAS PMC-5231, a ICP DAS PM-3114-100 4 Loops single-phase Power Meter, and a 24W Industrial Power Supply. There are also a LED Indicator and wires to help you set up your Energy monitoring and management system. Once your PMC-5231 is connected to Microsoft Azure you can start visualizing and analyzing your data.

ICP DAS PMC-5231 is a product that functions as concentrator of ICP DAS Power Meter for the Energy monitoring and management system in the IoT age. It provides flexible integration with the ICP DAS power meters, and features various functions such as: measure the power consumption of the devices, data logger, energy usage analysis, power demand management and alarm notification functions. PMC-5231 offers a user-friendly and intuitive web site interface that allows users to implement an Energy monitoring and management system just a few clicks away; no programming is required. PMC-5231 also supports powerful Network connection ability for seamless integration with the Microsoft Azure IoT. So that the administrator can monitor the status of power consumption of each device and perform statistics and analysis of the power information, thus improving the overall efficiency in electricity consumption to save costs on utility bills.

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