FEMA ISC P series

FEMA Process conditioners

Key Features

  • Voltage and current (mA) input and output ranges
  • Optimised for 12-bit systems
  • 20Hz bandwidth
  • Provides +15Vdc ±10% output for transducers
  • Mains or DC power variations
  • Galvanic isolation to 3500V

Price £146.22

The FEMA ISC P series of DIN rail mounting isolated signal conditioners are used to convert common process signals into current loops or voltage signals for further re-transmission, whilst introducing a galvanic isolation barrier into the system.

Signal Input
Operating Voltage
24 Vdc
115 Vac
230 Vac
Output signal
0/10 Vdc
4/20 mA
DIN Rail
Datasheet 379.66 KB
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