FEMA BAR series - Process

FEMA 1/8 DIN LED bar graph indicator for process signals

Key Features

  • Accepts process and potentiometer signals
  • +15Vdc (max. 30mA) Excitation voltage
  • Power 18/265 Vac/dc
  • Bar meter
  • 1/8 DIN cut-out size

Price £174.52

The FEMA BAR series are a range of panel meters that display in bar graph reading format.

They accept: 4/20mA, 0/10Vdc, ±20mA, ±10Vdc and potentiometer signals and display these as a reading from 0 to 100%. The barpgraph scaling is easily configurable using the buttons on the front.

Both relay and 4/20mA analogue outputs are available as an option.

The FEMA BAR series is designed for industrial applications, where a fast visualisation of a process is required as either level or pressure for example.

Display Type
Bargraph Meters
Displayed Digits
Front Dimensions
96 x 48 mm
Operating Voltage
18 - 265 Vac/Dc
Datasheet 376.33 KB
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