FEMA B series - Counter and ratemeter

FEMA Large display LED display of Counter and ratemeter

Key Features

  • Impulse counter, rate meter and period meter functions
  • 4 or 6 digit options
  • 60 or 100mm digit height option Panel,¬†wall or hanging¬†mounted
  • Large display for easy viewing
  • IP65 front panel

From £571.15

The B series displays from Fema read a pulse input and can display a pulse count (total) or pulse rate depending on the model. A range of signals are accepted, including - TTL NPN, PNP and Push-Pull.

The 100mm devices have a viewing distance of up to 50m. This makes them ideally suited to industrial applications in paper mills, printing presses, assembly lines, or other manufacturing site where it is critical to read a count or rate measurements from distance. The rugged aluminium case makes the B series ideal for demanding environments, yet is equally suited for use in an office or exhibition.

Display Type
Large Displays
Input Type
Chronometer / Counter
Displayed Digits
Operating Voltage
11 - 36 Vdc
85 - 265 Vac/Dc
Outputs Fitted
Front Dimensions
340 x 135 mm
436 x 135 mm
542 x 166 mm
740 x 166 mm
Datasheet 628.10 KB
Datasheet 634.62 KB
Datasheet 620.95 KB
Datasheet 630.42 KB
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