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IE-3000-4TC-E - 96165112

IE-3000-4TC-E 6 Port 4xFE RJ45, 2xGE combo, L3 IP Services License

Key Features

  • Design for extended temperature, shock/vibration, and surge ratings
  • Easy setup and management using the Cisco Device Manager web interface and supporting tools, including Cisco Network Assistant (CNA) and Cisco Prime LMS 4.2
  • Support for IEEE1588v2, a precision timing protocol with nanosecond-level precision for high-performance applications
  • Improved ring resiliency with the support of Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP)
  • Transparent IT integration with the support of Layer 3 routing protocols (IP Services)
  • PROFINET v2 certification, with PROFINET conformance class B compliance

The Cisco® Industrial Ethernet (IE) 3000 series is a family of Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches of modular design. This allows effective advanced planning and scalability within the harshest enviroments.

The Cisco IE 3000 series features modules for robust security, Power-over-Ethernet, SFP Fibre, RJ45 Copper, and combinations of each. Design for the future, to meet compliance, for easy deployment, simplified management and network security.

Layer 3 Managed
DIN Rail
Number of Ports
Type of Ports
Copper RJ45
Max Operating Temperature
70 °C
Min Operating Temperature
-40 °C
TSN Support
Input Voltage
24 VDC
110 VDC
48 VDC
220 VDC
110 VAC
220 VAC
240 VAC
Jumbo Frames
Redundant Power
IE-3000-4TC-E Datasheet Datasheet 653.29 KB
Code: 96165120 IEM-3000-4PC-4TC=
IEM-3000-4PC-4TC= PoE Expansion Module, 4xFE PoE+ RJ45, 4xFE RJ45 ports

Price £1,026.39

Code: 96165119 IEM-3000-4PC=
IEM-3000-4PC= PoE Expansion Module, 4xFE PoE+ RJ45 ports

Price £733.14

Code: 96165118 IEM-3000-8SM=
IEM-3000-8SM= SFP Expansion Module, 8xFE SFP ports

Price £1,222.60

Code: 96165117 IEM-3000-4SM=
IEM-3000-4SM= SFP Expansion Module, 4xFE SFP ports

Price £830.89

Code: 96165116 IEM-3000-8FM=
IEM-3000-8FM= Fibre Expansion Module, 8xFE SFP ports

Price £1,219.45

Code: 96165115 IEM-3000-8TM=
IEM-3000-8TM= Copper Expansion Module, 8xFE TX ports

Price £584.06

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