Advantech IMC-150LPC-M - 96225073

Industrial Long Reach PoE+ Extender, Master

Key Features

  • Delivers data up to 300 m (985 ft) at 100Mbps with power via coaxial cable
  • Extends power >15.4 watt power with 300 m (985 ft) long coaxial cable
  • Railway Trackside EN 50121-4 EMC certified
  • Features copper-based Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT)
  • Supports Remote PD power ON/OFF by disabling/enabling port via management switch

Price £178.35

Advantech offers extender solution with high-speed, long reach Ethernet and PoE technology to extend a network transmission distance.

The innovative Advantech IMC-150LPC series uses coaxial cables to deliver both power and data to locations up to 300 m (984 ft) away. These capabilities are buttressed by an LFPT mechanism that augments transmission quality. This combination of attributes and features make IMC-150LPC an excellent choice for network infrastructure upgrade projects with limited power and network resources.

Advantech’s IMC-150LPC-M and IMC-150LPC-R are designed to be used as a pair. The IMC-150LPC-M is designed for use at a central site while IMC 150LPC-R is used at a remote site.

Type of Extender
Ethernet Ports
Max Distance
0.3 km
Advantech IMC-150LPC-M Datasheet Datasheet 485.85 KB
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