ADLINK PCIe-8560 to PXI-8565 series

ADLINK PCI Express to PXI bus extension kit

Key Features

  • PCI Express based control of PXI/CompactPCI systems
  • High-speed PCI Express x1 interface
  • Supports 32-bit/ 66MHz PCI interface
  • 7m maximum distance
  • Completely hardware and software transparent
  • Independent of operating systems

From £414.00

The ADLINK PCIe-8560 to PXI-8565 PCI Express to PXI extension kit allows you to connect the latest generation of computers to a standard PXI test platform. Install the PCIe-8560 into your PC and connect it to a PXI chassis with your choice of PXI instruments. With comprehensive hardware and software transparency, the extension kit enables fast and convenient detection of any installed PXI cards in a PXI chassis, without requiring additional drivers or software installation.

The PCIe-8560 is connected to the PXI-8565 by a shielded twisted copper cable of up to 7m in length. It allows a data throughput of 250MB/s with the PCI Express x1 link.

PCI-to-PCI Bridge
Operating Temperature
0 - 50 °C
1 kg
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