Save up to 28% with selected Cisco Catalyst Routers

Amplicon are offering up to an amazing 28% discount when you buy Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard with Cisco Catalyst IR1100 or IR1800 Rugged Series Routers.

Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard is a cloud-based dashboard that empowers both operations teams and IT support staff to securely deploy, monitor, and gain insights from networking devices and connected industrial assets at massive scale. With one comprehensive view of all their connected industrial assets, operations teams can uncover valuable insights that help them streamline operations and drive business continuity.

Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard enables simplified and secure connectivity for industrial assets using Cisco industrial networking devices, including the Cisco IR1100 and IR1800 Rugged Industrial Routers.

The Cisco Catalyst IR1100 or IR1800 Rugged Series Routers allow to quickly adopt, deploy, and manage at scale. Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs with Amplicon.

Offer ends July 31st 2024 

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