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what people have to say about working with amplicon Amplicon
Glanford Electronics Ltd | Geoff Cowling Amplicon
“I can't think of any improvements you could make. You're one of the better companies to deal with actually."
IVC Media Ltd | Billy Driver Amplicon
“We've only placed 2 or 3 orders with you so far but we are quite impressed with the service and looking at other areas that we can use you on."
Land Instruments International | David Primhak Amplicon
“We are very pleased with the support we get. The last time we had an issue was when we needed a PC in a hurry. We rang in and asked Craig (IPC sales engineer) if he could deliver within a week and he pulled out all the stops. Got it to us by the Friday."
Omicron UHV Technik Ltd | Nick Clark Amplicon
“Always very good with follow-up and keeping us informed on the status of our orders."
Image Science Limited | Peter Alford Amplicon
“We are very happy with the support we get from Dave Haxby (IPC sales engineer). We came to you sometime ago from Dell because we had experienced problems with their power supplys and because we wanted a rackmount rather than a desktop. Although, some of our customers still require desktop systems so we still use some Dell products. We think that your PCs are exceptional. And suit the larger test systems we build.“ I also told him about the “Test Systems Solutions“ Division being discussed at Amplicon and he would be very interested in hearing more."
BMM Weston Ltd | Steve Bright Amplicon
“I can't think of anything that would improve the sales process. From my perspective it all seems to run quite smoothly."
Thales Optronics Ltd | William McCallum Amplicon
“I have only recently started using yourselves, just over the last few months really. But, some of my colleagues here at Thales have been using you for years and they all speak very highly of the service. That's what prompted me to call you, and I have no compliants so far."
UPM - Kymmene UK Limited | Christa Peers Amplicon
“I think it's great that all your sales guys are qualified engineers. It means that at least one of us knows what we're talking about."
Cougar Automation Ltd | James Clarke Amplicon
“When he (Niraj) isn't there, for one reason or another, if he's on holiday or off sick, there is always somebody ready to take over. They seem to work as a team very well. With the end result that the customer gets a seamless service. Not something you find everywhere."
Converteam Ltd | William Hill Amplicon
“Always very helpful. Your lads have helped us with a bit of Tech Support from time to time, dug us out of the mire more than once. Something the competition are unable to do."
Lock Inspection Systems Ltd | Bert Mills Amplicon
“Brilliant service. Can't think of anyway you could improve it."
Calder Ltd | Ken Burrell Amplicon
“It all went very well. It was the first time I have used you personally, although others in our company have used you before. I was very impressed with the service, kept informed of the part's progress and I look forward to dealing with you again."

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