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what people have to say about working with amplicon Amplicon
Brendon Glass | Real Time Engineering Ltd. Amplicon
"..we've always been very pleased with the service that Amplicon have provided in the past. All the sales engineers have always been knowledgeable and extremely helpful in suggesting products or recommending alternatives. The technical support has always been excellent too"
John Austin | PalmTEQ Europe Amplicon
"I would live to reiterate my thanks for the great service and willingness to help at all costs to get this project off the ground.

This has been a great experience and I thank you and your team for fantastic customer focus."

Michael Basham | The Mailing House Group Limited Amplicon
"Not being from an electronics background I was ordering products I knew nothing about. Some companies I tried give me a little assistance but I felt I was still in a very grey area. Then I contacted AMPLICON. The staff on the phone were extremely knowledgeable, very efficient and friendly. A couple of conversations later I was pointed towards the correct products for my needs. A couple of days after that the product was being utilised within my company to build a demo unit. The demo unit has since won us a major contract supplying us with work for 12 months. I feel without the expert help and assistance from Amplicon we would be been unable to build our demo system and not in contention for the contract we won. I would recommend AMPLICON to anyone, and I know I have a supplier I can trust"
Luke Welsh | NDA Tech Amplicon
"The parts arrived today! ....we do not have a further immediate need, but I want you to know that your help did save us over a day. Since our schedule is quite tight, that day was very valuable to us."
Miguel Vella Haber | Super One Radio / Television, Malta Amplicon
"Thanks a lot for the details. I'm glad we have been in close business contact with you in this deal, your professionalism and client focus is something more salespersons should try to get an example from... I'm sure we'll have further business deals with you in the future, thanks for all the help and attention."
OJ Rohland | Alfred Teves Brake Systems (Pty) Ltd Amplicon
"Sir, I have to commend you on your prompt response to my query. I don't know if it is just you individually, or if it is the norm in your company, but it is certainly service par excellence!!!"
Mark Dinsdale | Management Information Services Amplicon
"Hello, I wanted to drop you a quick line regarding our recent order with you ...

Your prices were better than all the rest, the account setup was quick and painless .... you were extremely helpful and polite on the telephone."

M S Kirkbride | RAF Amplicon
"I would like to inform you of the excellent support that I received from Mr Peter Adams in implementing our Jet Engine Data Acquisition using some of your equipment. The problem posed what seemed to be some insurmountable problems (leaving our own computer department scratching their heads), Peter was resolute, determined but patient (with me) to find a solution.

Having got the system operating to a state that would have satisfied most, he then grafted onto the operating system our own gauge calibration program to satisfy us that it was capable of reaching the expected outcomes."

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